What is Molent G50 Coffee Grinder?

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What is Molent G50 Coffee Grinder?
The ideal coffee grinder should be able to give you all the taste and texture hidden in a tiny coffee bean in the best way...

The Unique Meeting of Molent G50 Coffee Grinder and Coffee

Coffee; It goes through many processes from the seed to the cup. In this process, one of the most satisfactory methods that will take you to the peak of coffee is coffee grinders. A coffee grinder should be able to give you the best of all the taste and texture hidden inside the tiny coffee bean. At this point, Molent G50 Coffee Grinder offers you an invaluable coffee experience with consistent grinding.

What is a Coffee Grinder Used for?

One of the easiest and fastest ways to grind coffee beans is with a Manual Coffee Grinder. With coffee grinders, you can grind and brew your coffee easily and deliciously wherever you want. What will give you a pleasant drink while grinding your coffee is a homogeneous and consistent grind. If a consistent and homogeneous grinding is not achieved, even the best coffee beans will not be enough to make you happy while drinking. Manual coffee grinders, which are preferred as the ideal Coffee Grinder, are the most preferred method for grinding coffee and preserving it for a long time.

Let's Get to Know the Molent G50 Coffee Grinder

We used solid aluminum for the body of our coffee grinders, where we planned every stage from design to operating mechanism, to keep the bearing bearings and blade parts firmly in the center. A natural coating that can come into contact with food was applied to this aluminum body. Thanks to this coating, aluminum has a harder and more attractive surface and can be contacted with food. We aim to use different coatings other than natural color in the future in order to offer you coffee lovers not only a unique drink but also a unique design.
Hedeflemiş olduğumuz tutarlı öğütme için gövdenin üst ve alt bölümüne 2 adet paslanmaz rulman yerleştirdik. G50 ve G100 olmak üzere iki değirmenimizde de aynı kalitede bıçaklar kullandık.

In the jar part, there is a specially manufactured polypropylene screw plastic so that you can easily reach each coffee bean you have ground. Thanks to this plastic, the jar will not be damaged and you can use the product comfortably without rattling.

Our mechanism for Coffee Grinder Adjustment has been made step-countable with 16 points on the conical blade and 2 balls on it, which we first machined from polypropylene and then turned into chrome in line with your feedback. Thanks to these balls, when adjusting the mill, pushing the adjustment mechanism completely to the limit and opening it one by one, the step at which the arm falls is the zero point of our mill. There are 16 steps in a full revolution of the adjustment mechanism, and each step moves the conical blade with an accuracy of 0.07 mm.

In the upper part of our Molent G50 Coffee Grinder, we designed the upper diameter of the body so that it can fit into the jar for comfortable and easy use; Thus, the coffee is easily poured by turning the jar upside down.

In order to offer the best coffee grinder performance to you, coffee lovers, we evaluated your feedback and added a chrome lid to our G50 Coffee Grinder, which is currently lidless.

Finally, if we talk about the handle of our mill, a large domed knob was used at the end of the arm, which we bent from chrome 316, to fill the inside of the hand better and to be grasped more easily. This bun is made of hornbeam wood and has natural protective oil on it.

Types of Coffee You Can Grind with a Coffee Grinder

In the phase from coffee production to grinding; There are many options available, including which coffee is used, the method by which it is ground and brewed, and how it should be drunk. As the Molent Tools family, we aim to be your first choice for a consistent grinding of your coffee among these options. We value you and your coffee, which you can grind with our grinder; We offer you the best performance in quality Turkish Coffee, Espresso, V60, Moka Pot, Aeropress, Delter Press, Filter-Brew, French Press coffee types.
* Özellikle French Press kahve çeşitlerinde tek ayar mekanizması sistemi ile sizlere ek ücretler ödetmeden en iyi performansı sunuyoruz.

Technical Specifications of Molent G50 Coffee Grinder

Body: Aluminum (Food safe coating)
Handle Knob: Solid Wood
Blade: Conical Burr, Special Alloy Stainless Steel
Adjustment Mechanism: Chrome 303
Spindle/Spring/Grinding Arm: Chrome 316
Wood Preservative: Natural Oil-Colorant
Bearings: Stainless Ball Bearing
Container: Glass Jar
Coffee Volume in the Jar: 34-46 gr Coffee Beans
Coffee Volume in the Mill: 28-36 gr Coffee Beans
Mill Range: 595g
Step Adjustable System: 1 Turn 16 Steps (1 turn 0.07 mm precision)
Box Content: Mill, Spare Jar with Lid
Warranty Period: 2 Years (mechanical parts and grinders)