About Molent Pocket Grinder Black

One of the smallest members of Molent Tools family “pocket” is presented to you. As Molent Tools we have produced a coffee grinder with prominent specifications as simplicity and functionality. Domestically produced in complete, Molent Pocket Coffee Grinder will be your best friend. Along with being small in size, Pocket has a grinding capacity up to 23 grams and presents a consistent and homogenous grindings for all kind of coffee brews.

User Guide:

It is with you especially in camp tours, for daily use and everywhere you can imagine. While its minimal and ergonomic structure makes it easy to carry, special alloys used in it production gives it a perfect durability for long term usage. You can easily grind your coffee for preparing Turkish Coffee, Espresso, Mocha Pot, Aeropess, V60, French Press, Chemex and Cold Brew and enjoy the great taste of the coffee.

Technicial Specifications
58 mm
400 gr
Burr Diameter (Male)
29 mm
103 mm
16-21 gr
Burr Diameter (Female)
38 mm
Grinding Ranges
Turkish Coffee 9-12 Click
Espresso 11-14 Click
Moka Pot 14-16 Click
Aeropress 16-19 Click
V60 16-22 Click
Chemex 22-28 Click
French Press 24-32 Click
Cold Brew 32 Click ve Üstü

What is in the box?

1 pc. Molent Pocket Grinder

1 pc Traveling Pocket

1 pc. Cleaning Bruch

1 pc. Certificate of Warranty

1 pc. User’s Manual