Welcome to the World of Molent Tools!

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Welcome to the World of Molent Tools!
Molent Tools offers coffee equipment that adds value to coffee and makes your drinks more qualified. Details in our article...

A Good Consistency of Coffee?

Coffee, which is thought to sober people up with its caffeine content and stands out with this feature alone, is actually much more than that... The presence of a coffee that adorns the environment with its taste, whether in hosting guests, chatting with friends or in peaceful times spent alone, makes that moment even more magical. So, what are the necessary conditions to achieve a delicious, balanced and full-tasting coffee? If you have not thought about this issue before, we would like to help you.

What are Coffee Generations? Why is 3rd Generation Coffee Important?

Coffee, which has an ancient history, turned into an important beverage with increasing popularity several centuries ago. Coffee producers, on the other hand, embarked on a rapid production, processing and grinding process in order to quickly catch up with market demands. During these processes, coffee went through many chemical processes - from production to ready for consumption. The aim was to allow the consumer to immediately satisfy their coffee cravings with a coffee that dissolves quickly in water. In this way, the consumer did not have to deal with tiring tasks such as cleaning brewing tools and pouring pulp. However, during this chemical process, the coffee had already lost its intense aroma and taste. This period in which coffee, which had little left of its purity, was consumed was called the 1st generation coffee making. Today, sales figures for instant coffee are still high; Therefore, 1st Generation Coffee is still important. The consumption of these instant coffees, which are the savior of busy people who cannot use their time properly, continues at the same pace today.

In the 2nd Generation Coffee movement, which offers the processed coffee of the 1st generation coffee making in a relatively more natural state, we cannot actually talk about a pure coffee. In order to please coffee gourmets with different tastes, coffee is divided into varieties such as espresso, americano, latte and cappuccino within this trend. These coffees, which have different tastes and different densities, are often accompanied by harmful ingredients such as syrups, refined sugars and artificial flavors. We can also say that the 2nd generation coffee industry continues with the successive opening of coffee chains.

What we really want to talk about is the 3rd Generation Coffee movement. A new generation of coffee making, where we can buy our own coffee in its purest form and process it at home, without the need for an outside helper. In the 3rd generation coffee making, which is a period in which we can take care of every stage of coffee ourselves, we can follow the origin of the coffee, evaluate the tasting notes, and grind our own coffee beans.

3rd Generation Coffee Experience with Molent Tools

Drinking coffee knowing where it comes from, under what conditions it grows, and how it is roasted are the advantages of 3rd generation coffee making. Molent Tools comes into play at this point and is ready to be your main assistant, especially in preparing your 3rd generation coffees. We carefully prepare coffee equipment that adds value to coffee and makes its drinking more qualified, in line with your needs and offers it to your liking. Our coffee equipment, which includes many functional features as well as aesthetic details, also provides healthy use with natural wooden materials that add a spacious atmosphere to living spaces. Our coffee equipment produced with original designs is as follows:

Coffee Mill

Molent Coffee Mills, which have made a long journey from past to present and never lose their popularity for coffee lovers, are carefully produced for you in our own workshop and at international standards. Hand grinders, which fully understand your needs with features such as special alloy stainless steel blades, micro stainless ball bearings and large chambers, enable you to grind your espresso, Turkish coffee, moka pot, aeropress, delter press, filter-brew and French press easily and in simple steps.


Molent Tools Tamper varieties, which successfully perform the compression process while preserving the taste and intense aroma of coffee, are among the products offered to you in our product range. It is now possible to become your own coffee gourmet with tamper varieties, which are among the indispensable items of barista equipment. You are free to choose any of our tamper products with varying materials, colors and weights.

Tamper Stand

The health and elegance of solid wood are waiting for you at the Molent Tools Tamper Stand. The stands, carefully manufactured in our workshop, allow you to keep your tamper visible and display it as an aesthetic decoration.

Turkish Coffee Stand

Turkish coffee complements friendly conversations and family gatherings. You can also try the Molent Tools Turkish Coffee Stand for frothy, delicious Turkish coffee that suits your cozy atmosphere. Offering both an aesthetic and a very functional use for coffees that you will cook in microcookers or over embers, these stands are a great way to achieve the thick foam layer you want. Our Turkish coffee stands, made of high-quality steel material, meet all your needs with their high-temperature resistant body and long-lasting structure.