About Molent Tools

Molent Tools, which has shortened the path to quality coffee with its designed coffee equipment, obtained the registration of the Molent brand in 2019 and began professional production of Coffee Equipment at its manufacturing facility in Izmir. In this sense, Molent Tools, which achieved a first in Turkey, has become a permanent value by doing what has never been done before in terms of Coffee Grinder and coffee brewing equipment. It is still the only one in Turkey in terms of quality coffee grinders and coffee equipment and holds a leading position in the industry.

Our Mission

We are witnessing a period in which our coffee culture, and even our way of consuming coffee, has changed with the third wave coffee movement. In such a way that, coffee enthusiasts who were once confined to their homes, partly due to the impact of the pandemic, now aim to prepare the most flawless coffee that suits their taste buds with their own coffee grinding methods and brewing tools. At this point, Molent Tools comes into play by focusing on those individual coffee enthusiasts who want to achieve the most homogeneous grinding and try to capture their own taste by bringing out the most delicious coffee flavors. We produce coffee equipment that adds value to coffee and makes the experience more refined in line with the needs of coffee connoisseurs.

Why Molent Tools?

In the production journey of Molent Tools, produced in these lands and where all production processes belong to us, we adhere to a completely transparent, friendly, and outward-oriented production-supply policy. We prioritize maximum customer satisfaction at Molent Tools. Our communication channels, where you can get the support you need in all pre-sale or after-sale processes, are constantly available online. This way, we quickly respond to user suggestions, requests, or questions. At Molent Tools, you never encounter difficulties in reaching the company or experiencing negative situations such as "not finding a contact after the sale". Moreover, the grinders of Molent coffee grinders and all technical parts of our products are covered by our 2-year warranty and are in stock. You will find a solution to your technical service needs within a few days.

Our website, which makes the process from purchase to delivery easier, also makes your online shopping more comfortable with secure payment protocol, convenient payment terms, fast shipping, and other features.

Our Goals

Molent Tools, which brings together coffee roasters, coffee connoisseurs, baristas, and coffee enthusiasts who have made coffee a way of life under one roof, plays an important role in various workshops and all events involving coffee. Molent Tools conducts secure collaborations with coffee shops and actively works in the field to announce its successes to our entire country.

For those who have not yet encountered Molent products, those who say "I want to see it with my own eyes," and those who want to shorten the path to quality coffee, we have also activated our showroom area on our website. Coffee lovers can easily access all our sales channels through the showroom page on Molenttools.com.