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*Unconditional refund if you are not satisfied
We are aware of the difficulties in the quality coffee journey. We know the time required to ensure all conditions and the right equipment for both economical and brewing methods.

Coffee beans, pH ratio of water, filter paper, grinding distance, mill differences and correct use of the grinder, bean weights, Now that you have been introduced to a whole new world such as applied bar/pressure, water temperature, brewing ti

We believe in the high quality of Molent, which is produced entirely in these lands. You will find all the conditions in this complex and enjoyable journey of brewing quality coffee. If you try it and are not satisfied with the mill grinding,

For product returns or replacements, the first thing you need to do is to return all products from the date of receipt. To be sure of the conditions, you must fully experience the product for a minimum of 45 days and, i If you want to return the product between the 45th and 60th days, you can send us your request for Product Return. You must send it to us using the page or via WhatsApp customer service 0850 242 03 40.

You do not have to give any reason for the mills you want to return. However, the feedback you give has an important role in improving our products. After your return request reaches us, We will share a code with you through our contracted cargo company, and you can send the product to us free of charge with this code.

After your product reaches us, the necessary checks will be carried out and the refund will be made via the method you paid for within 7 days. The reflection of the refund on your credit card takes 2-5 business days under normal conditions, but may vary d

  • As Molent, we have absolute confidence in the quality and grinding power of the products produced. We are aware that the quality coffee journey is financially challenging for you. After experiencing the whole process, you will find that the Molent grinder
  • The shape of the mill you want to return must not be damaged, and there must be no permanent scratches, stains, cuts or burns on the mill.
  • About the product you want to return Our Product Return Form fill out completely or [email protected] or 0850 242 03 40 You must send it to us via WhatsApp.
  • We can plan the repurchase of the products you want to return for you. By the cargo companies we have agreements with through us. The return shipping fee for returned returns is covered by us.
  • If a promotional product is given as a gift within the scope of a campaign, the gift product(s) must be sent back together with the returned product.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to carefully repackage the product box. You must deliver the product to us with its full box contents, just as we delivered it to you. In order to prevent the box and its contents from being damaged during cargo transpo
  • In the return policy, your invoice amount is calculated on the date of purchase.
  • Hand mills designed with tools such as personalized text and logos are not within the scope of the 60-day trial period. It cannot be returned.
  • Orders placed from marketplaces, dealers, other websites, international orders, and products purchased from other retail companies that sell our products are not within the scope of the 60-day trial period. In this context, it cannot be returned.
  • Onlywww.molenttools.comA 60-day trial return policy applies to orders placed through our online site.
  • All colors of Molent G50+ Coffee Grinder products are covered by the 60-day trial return policy (Except for personalized products with names written on them). Other products sold on our online site are not included in this scope.
  • When the returned product reaches us from the cargo company, our technical team will inspect it and inform you. Reached productdefects such as damaged, scratched, missing, burnt etc. In this case, MolentTools company has the right not to return this product.

MolentTools' priority is always to ensure that its customers are satisfied with its product. If our customers are not satisfied with our products, they can return them unconditionally. MolentTools poses absolutely no difficulties in this regard.

MolentTools sterilizes the returned mills and uses them in store and cafe displays, photo shoots, fairs, festivals and local social responsibility projects. They are not resold.