Fiyat Arlıkları

Coffee Mill

It is a special hand tool for grinding coffee in ideal sizes… The Coffee Mill, which has been remembered as a nostalgic value, has become popular again today with the spread of 3rd generation coffee sales. These grinders, which allow you to brew or cook coffee freshly by grinding, offer a wonderful drinking experience as it reveals the delicious smell of coffee. Thanks to the mills, you do not have to deal with pre-ground and packaged coffees that have lost their odor. It is even possible to consume your pure coffee without being exposed to the harmful contents of the coffees enriched with synthetic aromas.

Features of Coffee Mill

A good coffee grinder should be capable of responding to all types of coffee. It should grind the coffee beans in the form of homogeneous particles, not in large and small structures. For all these features, it is necessary to choose a good mill produced with high quality and durable materials. We, as Molent Tools, are proud of offering coffee Hand Mill options that grind your coffee in the healthiest and cleanest way. We take international standards as a basis for the products that we manufacture in our own workshop with domestic raw materials. Special alloy stainless steel blades, micro-stainless ball bearings, and large bowls allow you to grind your espresso, Turkish coffee, moka pot, aeropress, delter press, filter-brew, French press easily and simply. You can choose from our solid wood or aluminum body mill types. You can purchase the most suitable option among Molent G50+ and Molent Pocket hand grinders for your ideal grinding and usage conditions.

Coffee Mill Prices

Our hand grinders are not only functional, they are also very aesthetic! While you can make a coffee corner in your living spaces, you can also allocate a special area for your coffee equipment. Molent Tools offers you not only functionality but also aesthetic designs in the products it manufactures; For this, it is possible to display your coffee equipment in your coffee corner as a special decor. Special coffee equipment, prepared for coffee lovers, is now on sale with prestigious designs and affordable prices to level your coffee pleasure.