Difference between the New Molent G50+ and the G50 Model

History: 02.01.2023 09:34
Difference between the New Molent G50+ and the G50 Model
Molent G50+ Mill is no longer divided into 2 types as “Base” and “Full” models, as in the first version, and is offered for sale as a single type. Details are in our blog post.

Farewell to Base and Full Models

The G50 mill, which was offered for sale in two types as the "Full" model, which stood out with the advantage of a spare jar and special box in its first versions, and the "Base" model, which is a more economical option, has been updated to the G50+ model, which brings all the features together. The G50+ model, which is a single type, will reach you with its spare jar and a special box designed specifically for it. Inside the original box, you will find the Molent G50+ Mill, spare jar, user manual, carrying pouch with the Molent logo and our specially designed Molent mill cleaning brush.

A Consistent Counsel with the New Mechanism

In the first version, the G50 mill, the material of the adjustment mechanism was chrome. Since the balls inside this mechanism, which allow adjusting the click intervals, were not flexible, disruptions could occur during long-term use. In order to minimize these disruptions and eliminate possible malfunctions, we replaced our adjustment mechanism in G50+ with Polymethylmethacrylate (Plexi) material. Thanks to this material that promises flexibility, a more consistent and stable mechanism that prevents static formation has been achieved.

More Permanent and Durable Body Paint

In the Molent G50 mill, dyeing processes were applied in layers of approximately 10-20 microns. Since we could not go beyond the standards in food safety certificates, making an improvement in this technology required both time and cost. We have completely changed our dyeing technology by making investments based on your demands and without ignoring the factors that will affect product quality. Unlike G50, we increased the permanence of the color by applying powder paint of approximately 50 microns in G50+. Thanks to the special baking process, we strengthened the quality and feel of the texture. With anodizing coating and subsequent double-layer painting technology, we have reduced the paint shedding problem of Molent Mills to zero.

We have made many innovations to ensure that the G50+ model provides more consistent and stable grinding. My Coffee Grind Reference Chart is one of our innovations. This ruler contains Molent Click ranges that adjust the grinding degree of coffee and coffee brewing methods. This table containing the reference values ​​has been added to the part where the adjustment mechanism of the Molent G50+ grinder is located, right at your fingertips. In this way, the G50+ model gained a more stylish and prestigious design.

Newer Than Ever…

The new G50+ Coffee Grinder has 6 beautiful color options. The Molent Green model, which received the most votes in previous survey results and brings a different interpretation to the color green, has already taken its place among the family members in other colors. Unlike other versions, the G50+ model, which offers more subjectivity with its customizable features, now uses more powerful and special laser systems. A more functional usage experience awaits you with the renewed Molent G50+ Coffee Grinders.