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G50+ Coffee Grinder  

If you haven't met the Molent G50+ Coffee Grinder, which is more functional than its nostalgic counterparts and grinds in the proportions you want, let us take you here. Our G50+ product, which is produced for you to grind coffee manually and in the sizes you want without being exposed to coffees that are ground with automated systems and have lost their aroma, offers a great drinking experience as it reveals the exquisite smell of coffee.

Molent G50+ Hand Mill Price

The Molent G50+ Hand Grinder, which brings a breath of fresh air to coffee grinders, which have become popular again today with the widespread sales of 3rd Generation coffee, also makes a name for itself with its price and design. Our hand mill, which is produced in accordance with international standards and is a domestic production, volunteers to break the perception that all mills are expensive. In the products that we manufacture in our own workshop, special alloy stainless steel blades, micro stainless ball bearings, large reservoir, and details that fully grasp your needs stand out. Standing out with a monolithic aluminum body that will keep the bearing housings and chopping blades in the center with a robust mechanism, G50+ offers you the consistent grinding you aim for. Thanks to our specially manufactured polypropylene screw plastic in the jar part, you do not have to deal with any negative issues such as rattling, shaking or damage to the jar.

G50+ Mill Features

Thanks to 16 points on the conical blades and 2 balls made of chrome material, the steps of the mill are made countable. In this way, there are 16 steps in a full revolution of the adjustment mechanism and each step moves the conical blade with a precision of 0.07 mm. The upper diameter of the body is designed to fit inside the hopper, which can be inverted after grinding for easy emptying. Our milling arm, which provides a comfortable and comfortable grip, has a domed, comfortable wooden knob. Available with a 2-year warranty, the Molent Tools G50+ grinder allows you to achieve the ideal coffee at no additional cost.

The G50+ Grinder, which is also an aesthetic decor in your coffee corner in terms of design, promises a hand-free use with its aluminum body with food contact coating and solid wood knob. Thanks to its durable components, you can grind your Turkish coffee, espresso, moka pot, aeropress, delter press, filter-brew, French press brews in simple steps.