About Molent G50+ Coffee Grinder Red

Recently, 3rd generation coffee has become popular and a new era has begun in which we witness all the processes of coffee until coming to our cup and even we grind the beans by ourselves. Molent Tools present you all the necessary equipment for maximising the joy, taste, aroma and drinking experience of such valuable drink. Molent G50+ Coffee Grinder Turquoise which is more functional compared to the old ones is waiting for you to improve your drinking experience with its quality mechanism and elegant design

User Guide:

Hand mills with specifications such as stainless steel knives with special alloy, micro stainless ball bearing and wide tank meet your needs exactly and make it possible to prepare grindings of espresso, Turkish coffee, mocha pot, aeropress, delter press, filter brew and French press with easy and simple steps. Now is your turn to discover the coffee types with notes appealing to your taste and determine the suitable grinding range, that’s all..

Technicial Specifications
58 mm
595 gr
Burr Diameter (Male)
32 mm
180 mm
38-40 gr
Burr Diameter (Female)
48 mm
Grinding Ranges
Turkish Coffee 1-5 Click
Espresso 3-8 Click
Moka Pot 10-20 Click
Aeropress 25-40 Click
V60 30-46 Click
Chemex 42-50 Click
French Press 42-55 Click
Cold Brew 48-55 Click

What is in the box?

1 pc. Molent G50+ Coffee Mill

1 pc. Traveling Pocket

1 pc. Spare Jar

1 pc. Cleaning Brush

1 pc. Certificate for Warranty

1 pc. User’s Manual