Molent T210 Adjustable Straightener Tamper

It is shipped with a tamper screwdriver.

With the special palm-adjustable straightening tamper designed by Molent Tools, you can create your own recipe by creating your own recipe in 108 different steps with a precision of 0.07 mm without any locking or having to tighten a grub screw. The distance adjustment is made by turning the straightener counterclockwise on its own axis after it is fully seated on the chrome limit. By adjusting the screws on the sides of the wooden body, the rotational stiffness can be changed individually with the screwdriver available in the product box.

  • Body: Solid Wood
  • Chrome: Chrome 316
  • Wood Preservative: Natural Colorant
  • Chrome Diameter: Ø57
  • Diameter Tolerance: ±0.03
  • Weight: 435 GR
  • Min Closing: 8MM
  • Max Opening: 15.5MM
  • Max Travel Distance: 7.5 MM
  • Step Adjusted System: 1 TUR 18 STEP
  • Distance Difference per Step: 0.07 MM
  • Max StepsI: 108
  • Packing: Wooden Box
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