Differences between Molent G50+ and Molent Pocket models we have compiled for you.
After this comparison You can choose the coffee grinder for
Technicial SpecificationsG50+ 3.499 ₺Pocket 1.599 ₺
58 mm
58 mm
180 mm
103 mm
595 gr
400 gr
Burr Diameter
48 mm
38 mm
Burr Diameter
32 mm
29 mm
Grinding Capacity
38 - 40 gr
16 - 21 gr
Body Raw Material

Suitable for Food Contact

Polietilen (PE)

Suitable for Food Contact

Click Ranges

For 1 full tour;

16 Click
12 Click
Grinding Speed

Based on the V60 Brewing method with 16 Gr of Coffee.

37 Rounds

Avg 24 sec

80 Rounds

Avg 45 sec

General Features
Brewing Methods

Turkish Coffee,Espresso,Mosa Pot,Aeropress,V60,Chemex,French Press,Coldbrew


Picture, Text, Visual

Colour Options

Body colors

6 Different Colors
3 Different Colors
Transportation Eligibility Level

According to travel and transport characteristics

Compatibility Status

For Jar and Handle;

Box Contents
Cleaning Brush
Carrying Pouch
Spare Jar
User Manual
Warranty Certificate